Welcome to Vukovic Data Engineering, a company dedicated to connect the worlds of laboratory work and digital analysis. We're here to empower you with sustainable data analysis solutions, particularly tailored to the dynamic fields of medical and life sciences.

Our Approach

No more black boxes. We are determined to bridge the existing gap between bench and keyboard by empowering our clients to implement intricate data analysis procedures, carefully avoiding the creation of black boxes, and at the same time shedding light on existing ones.

Simplicity. Primarily using R or Python programming languages in our processes allows for easy maintenance and smooth transfer to colleagues, even for those with minimal programming experience.

Data Liberation. Constructing infrastructure for automated extraction, transformation, and storage into lab-specific databases is a necessary stride in breaking free from dependency on proprietary software for data retention and analysis. This is pivotal for simplifying downstream data analysis for diverse user types, spanning from novice Excel users to seasoned data scientists.

Security. Forging a seamless transition from raw data to conclusive plots, facilitated by our lab-centric data infrastructure, not only banishes the specter of error-prone copy-pasting but also elevates the efficiency and swiftness of data analysis.