Multi-Device Data Analytics

We specialize in automated solutions for exporting, transforming, and consolidating data into a unified database, enhancing streamlined visualization and data interpretation. The amalgamation of raw data from various devices serves as a potent analytical resource, enabling comparisons between similar devices from different manufacturers or uncovering insights from distinct assays that would otherwise require laborious individual assessments.

Specialized Model Data Fitting

While most experiments involve fitting to a single defined model, certain experiments like SPR single-cycle kinetics require the use of changing models across data series. While many modern software solutions have implemented this, flexibility is still limited in terms of weighting the influence of each injection phase during fit optimization and allowing the selection of individual models for each phase. Our R-packages offer even more flexibility, allowing for graphical representation of multiple models and automatic visualization of large datasets, enabling swift identification of the best binder at a glance.

Molecular Visualization

The programmatic usage of PyMOL not only yields exquisite structural representations but also plays a crucial role in downstream data analysis, including tasks like modeling, docking, binding site analysis, and sequence alignments.

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High-throughput Image Analysis

By combining Windows and Linux command line, Matlab, CellProfiler and R programming language,  we were able to create a semi-automated pipeline to perform image transformation (flat- and darkfielding), segmentation (parallel cell tracking at multiple positions), extraction of data on the single-cell level, as well as subsequent data fitting on single timelines.

Interactive Data Analysis

Utilizing the capabilities of ShinyR, we can craft interactive apps for exploratory data analysis. Here, we introduce an exemplary app that enables you to estimate the time needed to reach your financial retirement goal.

Sequence Analysis

The comparison, optimization, and visual representation of sequences are indispensable today. Alongside established databases and their APIs, we utilize our own packages to visually integrate a multitude of sequence-based data.

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Custom Data Plotting: Mass Spectrometry

Specialized data presentation scripts enable the creation of not only beautiful plots but also streamline the data analysis process, reducing both time and effort. Our mass spectrometry package facilitates peak detection and automatic identification of mass differences. What sets our scripts apart is their capability to automatically assess and annotate combinations of possible mass differences.

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